Couponing 101

 If you are new to couponing, this simple guide will help you with some of the jargon and abbreviations used by couponers. It will also help to understand the various rewards programs that are offered by the major drugstores. 

Coupon Jargon
  Sunday Newspaper Insert Abbreviations:

     GM = General Mills
     SS = Smartsource
     RP = Redplum
     PG = Proctor & Gamble

  Other Commonly Used Abbreviations:

    B1G1 = Buy one, get one free
    BOGO = Buy one, get one free
    IP = Internet Printable
    MQ = Manufacturer's Coupon
    MC = Manufacturer's Coupon
    OOP = Out of pocket
    YMMV - Your mileage may vary
    MIR = Mail in rebate
    Stacking = using a store coupon and manufacturer's coupon on one item

   Where can you find coupons?

    We all know that our Sunday newspaper is full of coupons virtually every Sunday, but there are many other methods of obtaining coupons.
  •          Internet printable coupons: The internet is overflowing with manufacturer's coupons, and many stores put store coupons on their websites. Some of the best sources for internet printable coupons include,, and 
  •         Blinkie or Tearpad: These are found in stores and are usually located near the product. I always check for these and, if the coupon is for a product that we use, I will usually take a couple extra to have for future use.
  •         Inside or on the box of the product
  •         Peelie: Coupon attached to the product. Be sure and remove the coupon as you are putting the item in your cart and put with other coupons so you do not forget to use it during checkout. 
  •         Manufacturer's websites: Although I don't check for every little thing we buy, I do occasionally check manufacturer's websites for coupons if an item we are purchasing is rather pricey. 
  •         Loaded to your cell phone or savings card: Many stores are now offering e-coupons that you can load onto your savings card or cell phone. These automatically come off your total when you check out. 
  •        Magazines: Many magazines have manufacturer's coupons. Be sure and check Parade magazine in the Sunday paper for coupons as well!     
 Drug Stores

Walgreens - Walgreens uses a promotional program called Register Rewards. Most Register Reward deals are advertised in their weekly circular and last for one week, however, they occasionally have month long Register Reward deals. The Register Reward will print out in the form of a Catalina coupon that is good off your next purchase at Walgreen's. These RR's are good for ANYTHING you buy on your next transaction, excluding alcohol, tobacco, lottery, etc. For example, Walgreen's may advertise that you will receive a $2 Register Reward for purchasing Nyquil. When you make the purchase, you will then receive a Register Reward good for $2 off your next purchase. 
 When paired with manufacturer coupons and/or store coupons, Register Rewards offer a way to save substantially on your purchases and even make money occasionally. The idea behind Register Rewards is to "roll" them, or have multiple transactions in one visit in order to minimize out of pocket expense. 
 When used properly, Register Rewards will help save a lot on the items you use, but there are certain things to keep in mind with the Walgreen's Register Rewards program:
  • Register Rewards are manufacturer's coupons. If you receive a RR for purchasing Nyquil, you will not receive a RR if you use that coupon to purchase another Nyquil. 
  • If you buy 2 like items of an advertised RR in the same transaction, you will only receive one RR for this item. You can purchase DIFFERENT items that offer RR's in the same transaction and get RR's for each DIFFERENT item with no problem.
  • You must have as many items in your transaction as coupons that you plan to use. Sometimes, "filler items" are used in order to help in this situation. Filler items are inexpensive items, such as pencils, candy, etc. Walgreen's coupons do not count toward your coupon total, however RR's will.
  • Always use manufacturer coupons first, then Walgreen's coupons, then in-ad coupons, then Register Rewards. This will ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Register Rewards expire 2 weeks from the date they are printed. 
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