Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Rite Aid Trip 2/5 - They Paid Me $15.26 To Shop!

 I am sorry that I did not do this earlier in the week and get it posted sooner, but a lot of plans get rearranged when one of your kids come down with the flu! Anyway, I did 3 separate transactions at Rite Aid yesterday. I started out with $6.50 in UP Rewards from last week and this is what I got:

(2) Boxes 60 ct Viactiv Chews
(1) Afrin Nasal Spray
(1) Coricidin HBP Maximum Flu
(1) Gas-X Softgels 50 ct
(1) Nature Made Vitamin D 200 ct
(1) Nature Made COQ10 30 ct
(1) Finish Quantumatic Starter Kit
(2) Bags Oberto Beef Jerky
(4) Cans Pringles Chips
(1) Edy's French Silk Ice Cream 48 oz(not pictured - hiding it from the kids - not time for ice cream!)
(2) Busy Bones Dog Treats
(2) Beggin Strips Dog Treats
(2) KY Jelly
(1) AMO Complete MultiPurpose Solution 12 oz.
(2) 45 ct. Dixie Paper Plates

My total out of pocket(amount I actually paid at register in cash for all of this) was $10.23!
I left with $21 in UP Rewards!($14.50 more than I started with!)
I will submit my receipts and receive a $10.99 Single Check Rebate from Rite Aid! They paid me $15.26 to go in their store and take all this stuff home with me! Check out the pic below(sorry about the quality):

Total Wellness Savings - $52.97!
Total Coupon Savings - $95.48!

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